Essem High Tech Pvt Ltd (Essem) has a vast experience in understanding the requirement of Indian industry and it provides the most advanced competitive but cost effective solutions. Essem with its brand MITIGATING RISK AND OPTIMIZING PRODUCTION works in the field of Mechanical Maintenance and Geoscience.

Essem constantly developing unique cleaning systems to meet the challenges facing various industries. Our units are all designed for maximum cleaning effectively with minimal risk of tube damage. These high pressure cleaners solves very quickly and efficiently the most difficult cleaning and disinfection tasks to professional results.
There are many advantages of using automated equipment as listed below:

Essem have introduced new solutions like MultiLance, proprietary MultiLance Power Cleaner (MPC), Gun Indexer, Powerlance, Hydraulic Tube Bundle Extractor, Rotary Hose Device (RHD or Rotomole) and tank cleaning tools amongst others.

As Essem manufactures the equipment in house, we have the capability to customize our solutions to the particular needs of the client. We have provided our solutions across industries like Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Chemical plants, Sugar plants, Power plants, Alumnia, Ship building etc.

► Safety - No back splash/thrust, No fatigue, Accident free. Less manpower needed at site.
► Time Tested – Successfully completed work in leading power plants in India.
► Quality – Able to work with much higher pressure and volume than manual method.
► Fast – System can be used independently for achieving the better and measurable results compared to other methods.
► Most Environment Friendly Solution - No hazardous waste is generated during process

Our Services

The main services provided by Essem are listed below – there are many more so please contact us if you cannot find the service you require.
Petrochemical Industries
Cleaning of Heat Exchanger / Boilers / Coolers
Storage Tanks & Vessels / cooling towers / furnace tubes

Refineries Industries
Heat exchangers / U tube heat exchangers
ACC (Air Cooled Condenser)
Reactor tubes

Sugar Mills
Cleaning of Boiler Tubes & Evaporator Tubes, Foundries, Press Sections, Screens and Rollers of paper machines etc.
Aluminium Plants
Hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, evaporator bodies, heater tubes, pipelines etc